May 2012 Club Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Sandhills Pointing Breeds  Club – May 2012 Meeting

 The May 2012 Meeting of the Sandhills  Pointing Breeds Club was called to order at 10:12AM at the Beacon Ridge Country  Club.

Dick Cavedo introduced guest Janie  Gould.

It was determined that at the time the  meeting was called to order there was not a quorum present.   The non-voting portions of the  meeting continued as we waited for more members to arrive to achieve the 29  required for quorum.

The April Minutes were approved as  written

The Report of the  President included an  overview of the Club’s Goals and Strategic Plan set by the 2011-2012 Board.  This year’s events  included:

  • A shooting   clinic
  • Participation in   Annie Oakley Days
  • Participation in   the SALT Open House
  • Two Fun   Hunts
  • Two Hunt Tests   (Nov & March)
  • Our first Walking   field Trial
  • Dedication of the   George Worst Field
  • The Wounded   Warrior Hunt and Flag Pole Dedication

Jeremy presented information on the Logo project.  Because there was not a clear consensus  on any design developed by the artist, the Logo Project has been put on hold  until next year.

The Treasurer’s Report is attached.  The report includes an annual financial  overview profit/loss

Reports of Board  Members

George Worst presented plaques of appreciation to three  members: Mike Ballenger, Ker Boyce  and Jeremy Rust

Committee  Reports

The Hunt Test Committee has conducted a survey on whether hunt  test participants and judges would accept judges using ATVs instead of horses  during the hunt test.

Communications  Committee

Website Update:  John Allen Tallant reported  that the website is well underway and now requires addition of content from the  members.  Please send information  that you think would be of interest to our members and visitors to our website  to John at

SPBC’s Facebook page is up and operational.  You can “Like” it to receive   updates.  We now have a QR Code   that can be scanned by a smart phone to reach our FB page.  The QR code will be used on future   publications and will appear on our webpage.

Land  Committee

  • Coastal Bermuda   grass remains a problem on the puppy field and some areas in the back.  These areas have been burned, disked   and sprayed with herbicide.     Annual grasses will be planted in these areas until we are sure there   is no more Bermuda.
  • Long Leaf Pine   and warm season grasses have been planted in all other cleared areas of the   acreage (except fire breaks).  It   will take from two – three years until the warm season grasses and Long Leaf   Pines are established.  During   this period the Club grounds will be restricted to use by   members.
  • SALT has cost   shared on most of the land restoration.
  • Those who helped   with the burn earned credit within our SALT account, since we received funding   to pay for burning.
  • The tractor limps   along.  We have been fortunate to   be able to borrow equipment and man hours  from Jim McSwain and Greg   Powers

Building  Committee

  • Work on the Pole Shed continues thanks to Jim   McSwain, Jim Watson, Ozzie and Charles Tuttle.  The project turned out to require more   labor and cost more than anticipated, however by next week the roof should be   on.
  • The “Joe Stringer Corral” was built with   materials donated by and help from Joe Stringer.  Thanks Joe!
  • The Pigeon Coup will be replaced with a   “snake-proof” building so more of the eggs and young birds will escape being   eaten by the snakes that have figured out how to get into the current   coup.

Membership Committee  We have 91 memberships as of May 2012.  Memberships include 4 Associates, 28 Single memberships and 59 Family  memberships.  We had 80 memberships  in May 2011.

Fundraising Committee  The Walk of Fame  is the primary fund raising project currently underway.  The initial offering of bricks resulted  in 15 sales.  These sales covered  the start up costs of the walkway which included the purchase of 450 blank space  holder bricks, sand and gravel.  Thanks to those who have purchased your bricks.  From now on each brick purchased will  yield approximately $50 towards the purchase of a tractor.

Potential 2012-2013 Capital Projects  include:

  • New Pigeon   Coop                    $1,500
  • Large Stream   Xing                  $1,500

Voting on Officers and the change to the By-Laws, which changes the way members are counted, was started as we awaited the arrival of two more members to complete the quorum of 29 members.

Tom Barry and Lynn Ballenger arrived to  complete quorum.  Election results  are as follows:

President: Ozzie Osborne

Vice President: John Allan Tallant

Secretary: Jan Aruscavage

Treasurer: Charles Tuttle

Board of Directors:

George Worst

Dick Cavedo

Susan Jackson

The change to the By-Laws was  approved. Thank you, Melanie Tuttle for all your hard work on this!!  The By-Laws have now been changed to  help solve the quorum problem. The revised By-Laws state that a member becomes a  “voting” member by attending at least two meetings in the previous 12 months.  Members who do not attend two meetings will not be considered “voting” in  determining a quorum, but will still have all the rights and privileges of  membership, except holding office.

Thanks to the retiring officers  and board members for a GREAT year and thanks to the new officers and board  members for agreeing to serve.

There was no new business for  discussion

The meeting was adjourned at 1:20 PM.


Respectfully  Submitted

Jan Aruscavage for

Mike  Ballenger