September 2012 Club Meeting Minutes

SPBC MINUTES of the General Meeting September 8, 2012

·         The meeting was called to order by President, Ozzie Osborne at 10:05.  Visitors introduced themselves. With the help of the membership chair it was determined that a quorum was present so that we could conduct official business.  (NOTE:  We count each family membership as two when counting members, single memberships count one and associate members do not have voting privileges)

·         Minutes of the May Annual Meeting were approved as submitted.

·         President’s Report – Dues for 2012 – 2013 are due.  For those who did not download and submit the application sent by email, a paper copy has been mailed.

·         Secretary’s Report – no further report

·         Treasurer’s Report – The checking account balance is $6,376.86.  There is money held in reserve for various expenses.

·         Committees Reports

o   Walkway looks beautiful.  Thanks Lou for such a great job!  Special bricks are still for sale for $75 for the first and a second for you to take home for $35, if you want.  All proceeds go to the tractor fund.

o   Pole barn is finished for now pending obtaining some sheet steel for the sides.  We will add electricity at a cost of about $200.

o   New pigeon coop – We have framing materials.  The construction is budgeted at $1500.

o   House Cindy reported no problems.  She cleaned it prior to the meeting.  Thanks, Cindy!

o   Land – Ozzie has an appointment with Harry Hubreth, from SALT to discuss how best to transition to all WSG and how to eradicate the sand spurs that are growing in various locations around the property.  Ozzie filled 15 dog food bags full of sand spurs that he dug up in the fields recently,

o   Quail box rental – Yearly rental is $20.  If you want to rent a box, send a check to Charles.  You must care for your own quail.  Food and shavings for cage or pan are bought for everyone with your $20 payment.

Membership  Renewals of memberships so far for this year total almost half of last year’s ending membership of 91.  Look for a mailed application if you have not yet renewed for 2012-13.  The following SPBC applicants were unanimously approved for membership by secret ballot of the membership in attendance.

·         Janie Gould

·         David & Catherine Staneck

·         David Brooks II

·         James Hills

·         Milt & Diane Kelly


o   Sept.22 – Shooting Clinic  (Contact George Worst  910-400-5266) George reported that seven have signed up for the clinic.  He passed a sheet for additional attendees.

o   Oct.6 – Annie Oakley Boom Days  (Contact Jan Aruscavage will be held at the Pinehurst Harness Track on Rt 5 south of Pinehurst Country Club.  We will have members showing their dogs for breed descriptions, dogs demonstrating finding birds, members helping with the shirt toss for children and members to man our booth.  We will have a video running on a computer in the booth as well as brochures to pass out.

o   Oct. 27 – SALT Day  (Contact John Allan and Lan Chien Tallant  We will have members showing their dogs for breed descriptions and a demo of dogs finding and retrieving birds.  We need members to bring their dogs for the SALT day, too.

o   Nov. 4 Fun Hunt  (Contact Mike Ballanger  This is a team scored event for dogs and handlers.

o   Nov. 10-11 Hunt Test  (Contacts Ron Hobbs and Beth Sweeney  Ron and Beth have everything in order.  The Premium will be released soon.  We will use a different starting location for the dogs for Hunt Tests.  Members are urged to become certified judges for the future when we can run more braces with our new fields.  Tammy Bowers is in charge of our raffle that we hold in conjunction with the Hunt Tests.  Members are requested to donate items for the raffle.  Donations you can get from stores or organizations are great.  The items do not necessarily have to be dog related.

o   Dec.14-16 Field Trial  (Contact Chris & Alyssa Carnahan Chris & Alyssa have everything under control.  The venue is Cooper Black in Cheraw, SC.  The only issue is that there is no open walking event listed.

o   Jan.12 Wounded Warrior Hunt  (Contact Val & Clint Sails  Val & Clint did a great job last year.  The men from Ft. Bragg had a wonderful time.  More details will be provided closer to the event.

o   Feb.24  Fun Hunt  (Contact Mike Ballanger This will be like the Fall fun hunt.  More details closer to the event.

o   March 9-10 Hunt Test (Contacts Ron Hobbs  and Beth Sweeney   We are working to have only three judges for this HT.  More details closer to the event.

New Business

·         Jeremy turned over our license renewal to John Allan Tallant to process and the NC Farm Bureau membership to Charles Tuttle to pay.

·         We voted to purchase a back blade attachment for the tractor to help with land maintenance.  The cost is $200.

·         We held a discussion about care of the pigeons.  We are investigating the feasibility of hiring someone to come in to feed, water and clean their cage.  The time required is between one – three hours per week.

·                The biggest expenses for the club right now are the tractor and the herbicide to control the weeds.  There is an infestation of sand spurs that need to be dug up.  We also have some fire ants.  The ants are

dangerous for quail and our dogs.  Ozzie is meeting with a SALT representative to discuss how to get rid of the sand spurs and fire ants.

·         There is a chance that we can get a nice shotgun for a raffle perhaps starting at the Annie Oakley Boom Days.

·         George Worst told us about an English Pointer with papers that points with a crooked tail.  The owner is willing to sell the dog to a good home.  Call George if you are interested in buying the dog 910-400-5266.

·         Calvin Curnette mentioned that many more breeds of dogs are eligible for pointing breed activities.  The AKC website lists the organizations whose papers they endorse.

·         Janie Bristow volunteered to organize two work days for the club.  One will be on a weekend and the other mid week so that both retired and working members can participate.

The next meeting will be held on November 3rd.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:35

Respectfully Submitted

Jan Aruscavage

SPBC Secretary