Force Retriever Training Seminar

 Force Retriever Training Seminar

Sandhills Pointing Breeds Club Grounds

April 20, 2013

from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM

The cost per participant is $50.00 with the first 20 paid participants guaranteed a spot. If lunch is desired add an additional $5.00. If interested in attending mail check made payable to SPBC to:

4016 Seven Lakes West
West End, NC 27376.

Seminar Description

First of all, force fetch is more than just one thing. It is a definable process with clear goals. But, within the process are several steps or phases. Let’s examine the goals:
•To establish a standard for acceptable mouth habits.
•To provide the trainer with a tool to maintain those habits.
•To provide the trainer with a tool to assure compliance with the command to retrieve.
•To form a foundation for momentum.
•Pressure conditioning.
Mouth habits include such important items as fetching on command, even when your dog may be distracted, or moody, or any number of things that might interfere with compliance. You may get lucky for a while without having such problems, but being smart and being lucky are not the same thing. Force fetch gives you a tool to handle this when it comes up, plus some insurance that it is less likely to come up due to this training. Along with compulsion issues we need to mention a proper hold, and delivery on command. If my quail is punctured I want it to be from pellets, not teeth. Hopefully this covers a little more ground with Force Fetching. There  are so many training techniques that can be accomplished on the table that will carry over to the field. Also at the seminar we will be covering training procedures such as your dog’s health, indirect and direct pressure, balance for training, self-discovery, conditioning for pressure and calm assertive. All of these training techniques are to help a gun dog handler become a  better gun dog trainer.

Bio on Tim McNaughton the seminar leader:

Tim McNaughton is the owner of TNT Vermillion River Kennels located in Minnesota. Tim has over 30 years of training Upland dogs, retrievers and flushers for hunting and Field Trials and has been training professionally the past 17 years. He currently has over 100 Master passes and numerous titled dogs. His clients are located throughout the United States. He is currently training dogs for the Marine Corp. He takes great pleasure taking a young hunting dog and molding it into a hunting athlete step by step. Tim has been teaching the art of Force Retrieving for the past 10 years and believes to have a complete hunting dog or Field Trial dog force retrieving should be built into the foundation of a dog. As a hunting dog owner Tim believes that we owe it to our dog to bring out the very best in them. He also believes that not all hunting dogs need to be force to retrieve but all hunting dogs should be. Tim’s goal is to pass on what he has learned about training dogs and most of all giving people a better understanding of their dog.