Minutes of the November 2012 SPBC Meeting


Special thanks go to Ron Hobbs, Beth Sweeny and their many helpers for a very successful Hunt Test.
Please consider the request/challenge that George Worst put out at the hunt test dinner, that all members step up and pledge what they can so that the club can purchase a good used tractor.. So far we have received $5,000, $250, and $100 in cash and another $250 in pledges. The board will establish a committee to oversee this project once we get enough money collected and/or pledged. The estimated cost for a good used tractor to meet the needs of the club would be $12,000 to $14,000.

SPBC MINUTES of the General Meeting November 10, 2012

· The meeting was called to order by President, Ozzie Osborne at 10:10.
· It was determined that a quorum to conduct official business this month is 23.
· Secretary’s Report – minutes from Sep 8th meeting approved as written
· Treasurer’s Report – The checking account balance is $7900. Fun Hunt made $410. All Field Trial (Cooper Black) expenses to date paid. Shooting Clinic made $150. Membership on track.

Committees Reports
o Pole barn – Some sheet steel have been donated. We are looking for more to complete sides and back of pole barn.
o New pigeon coop – 60 – 70 percent of materials have been purchased.
o Land – Biggest challenge is herbicide to control undesirable plants. Dog fennel is bad, but a burn will kill it. Sand burrs are under control for now. Native grasses will control sand burrs and we will probably burn the sand burr again. Annuals will be planted in the puppy field for one more year to ensure the eradication of the Bermuda grass. That will cost $150 – $200.
o Membership – Membership now at 42 Family; 31 Single and 2 Associate Memberships.
The following SPBC applicants were unanimously approved for membership by secret ballot of the membership in attendance.
§ Adrian Mistreanu
§ Teresa & John Pacey
§ Jim & Rose Watkins
§ Jessica & Jason Borg
§ David & Cassie Blaesing
§ Grayson Guyer

Upcoming Events

o Dec.14-16 Field Trial (Contact Chris & Alyssa Carnahan chris.carnahan@gmail.com) Chris & Alyssa have everything under control. The venue is Cooper Black in Cheraw, SC. Draw is FULL.
o Jan.12 Wounded Warrior Hunt (Contact Val & Clint Sails Valpetgroomer@gmail.com) Val & Clint did a great job last year. The men from Ft. Bragg had a wonderful time. More details will be provided closer to the event.
o Feb.24 Fun Hunt (Contact Mike Ballanger mike.ballenger@ymail.com) This will be like the Fall fun hunt. More details closer to the event.
o March 9-10 Hunt Test (Contacts Ron Hobbs hobbsr2008@yahoo.com and Beth Sweeney sweenbv706@yahoo.com)

New Business

· Tractor fund received donations of $5000 and $250.
· Hunt Test dinner. 44 spots, 38 confirmed. Others invited to sign up .

The meeting was adjourned at 2:45
Respectfully Submitted, Jan Aruscavage – SPBC Secretary