Foundation Level Training Seminar

Foundation Level Training Seminar
Sandhills Pointing Breeds Club Grounds
May 18, 2013
From 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

The cost per participant is $100.00 with lunch provided. If interested in attending please contact:

Janie Bristow:
Phone: 919-776-0785
To register for the class.

Seminar Description

The FOUNDATION LEVEL TRAINING begins formal training by establishing Points of Contact on the neck and flank. Through the use of the points of contacts conditioned responses are taught, thus shaping behavior or in some cases re-shaping undesired behavior. This is also when work is begun on the dog’s natural retrieve. The training seminar will demonstrate how to develop the dog’s natural abilities with low pressure positive reinforcement techniques preserving the dog’s style and intensity and establishing a confident positive partnership between dog and trainer.

Bio for Nick Mellon the Seminar Leader

My wife, Valerie, and I both share the love of owning and training bird dogs with low pressure and positive reinforcement methods, and by building confidence in the owner and the dog. Since 1990, I have attended, and trained, at many field seminars and workshops.  I felt that the Silent Command System developed by Rick and Ronnie Smith met all of my philosophical needs and provided both owner and dog with the best training results.  Over the years, I have trained with both Rick and Ronnie to develop my skills.  I am a Certified Professional Trainer, and I am a Gold Level Trainer and Associate of Team Huntsmith. As a full-time professional trainer, I understand that each dog is as individual as its owner, and I tailor each training program to meet the owner’s personal goals.