MINUTES of the SPBC General Meeting January 5, 2013

SPBC MINUTES of the General Meeting January 5, 2013

  • The meeting was called to order by Vice-President, John Allan Tallant at 10:10 on Saturday Jan. 5, 2013.  We determined that a quorum was present.  Applicants Jeff and Carson Thorow introduced themselves.
  • Minutes of the November Meeting were approved as submitted.
  • President’s Report – Ozzie sent the following to be discussed and included in the meeting minutes:

Nominating Committee:  Unless there is expressed interest in holding an office for next year, we will nominate the current officers to serve  again for next year as all have agreed to serve unless someone else wants to serve.

May 4th Meeting at the Inn at Eagle Spring:  We voted to have Wes provide lunch including drinks and dessert after the meeting.  The cost will be $12 per lunch to be paid by the member.  Reservations will be due to Wes by April 29th.  More discussion about the May meeting will be held at the March meeting.

Guests at the Club:  We voted to allow guests of members to the club to come only once.  Thereafter guests that have dogs must apply for membership and pay to use the grounds.  Those that are shooting or helping train should apply for an associate membership.  Family members are welcome to come with members.

Sign-in when using the grounds:  The sign-in will be hardcopy and will ask if members are shooting/using quail or pigeons for training.  Sign-out is required.  Blaze Orange will highlight where the sign-in sheet is located.  There was a request by some members to change the location of where the sign-in is located.  Ozzie notes:  Members need to sign-in by the clubhouse.  Maybe we can put a sign-in reminder by the pole barn & quail condo

  • Secretary’s Report – When voting for new applicants takes place, members are asked to sign beside their name on the attendance matrix.  Yellow indicates members are already voting members.  If this is the second meeting attended since May 2012 (when the By-Laws were amended to create the category of “voting members” to solve the problem of not having a quorum in attendance to conduct official business) members are asked to place an “X” in the Jan 5th 2013 column and sign by their name (attendance of two meetings in the preceding 12 months makes the member a “voting member”).  After signing, voting members are asked to take a ballot, vote and place the ballot into the ballot box.  All attendees at the January meeting will be marked present on the attendance matrix.
  • Treasurer’s Report – The checking account balance is $19,374.  There is money held in reserve for various expenses, including $5,880 for the tractor fundand money we may owe SALT.  In the spring after the March Hunt Test, the club will conduct a tractor fund campaign.  Karolynne mentioned that we are not getting a clear accounting of the donations by our members to SALT.  This could lead to members not donating to SALT because they cannot be assured that the money they donate is credited to our property.  She asked that Ozzie try again to get an accounting from SALT of how much has been donated from our members to be credited to the club property and how much we owe for various projects.
  • Committees Reports
  • Walkway – The walkway has begun to generate funds ($125).  Special bricks honoring your dog(s) are still for sale for $75 for the first and a second for you to take home for $35, if you want.  All proceeds go to the tractor fund.
  • Pole barn – The pole barn has had several sheet steel installed on the sidesOzzie notes  The Pole barn has been closed in on the back end and 95% closed in on the West end the remaining East end will be closed in once we order the sheeting for the new pigeon coop.
  • New pigeon coop – Construction on the new pigeon coop has started.  There will soon be a way to lock up the “birds-in-training” that are banded so they will not be accidentally released before they know how to return to the coop.  Mick Yannone mentioned that his son is able to provide us pigeons captured as nuisance birds, in Greensboro for $2 each.  These birds are more easily trained to return to the coop as well.  We will be getting more birds from

Greensboro.  Note:  There was a $286 expenditure from the Treasury for feed because members are not leaving tips for food.  Please leave a tip when you use the birds.

  • House – Cindy added after the meeting that she has had to put things away that are left out by those using the kitchen.  She asks members to please return the items they use to the proper place and to keep the area clean so we do not attract bugs and mice.
  • LandMarch Burn of about 18 acres:  The board recommendation is to hire Matt Wimberly to conduct the burn even if it costs us more because Matt takes full responsibility for the burn.  We are hoping this will also allow for some cost sharing of the approximately $875 it will cost.  Ozzie emphasizes that the burn cannot be conducted without eight to 10 volunteers from the club.  Because of the impossibility of providing a definite date, the members ask that we have a pool of volunteers that can be called on when the date is set – sometime after the hunt test in March.

Herbicide application for sand burrs and dog fennel in late May:  After some discussion, the members had too many questions that need to be answered regarding herbicide application (such as cost of herbicide, what herbicide is to be used, frequency of re-application if we do it) to vote on whether to hire a professional to apply the herbicide or to do it ourselves with volunteers.  The matter was tabled for consideration at the March meeting.  Scott Uknes, who is now back in the USA, has some knowledge of herbicide and is willing to consult with Ozzie.

Clean-up:  Ozzie asked that members who use the grounds clean up dead birds, trash and anything used to train their dogs.  All should be removed from the property to avoid attracting vermin who also attack the quail.

Sink Holes:  Ozzie asked for volunteers to fill sink holes in the Hunt Test field.  It was suggested that it would be easier to fill them using the tractor and a front loader scoop of dirt than to wheel loads of soil up there by hand.  Ozzie notes that we do not have a front loader – maybe we can rent one.

NOTE:  Mick Yannone has purchased a canopy that can be used to shade dogs on the grounds.

Membership  The following SPBC applicants were unanimously approved for membership by secret ballot of the “voting” membership in attendance.  Congratulations new members!

  • Heidi Baumbarger
  • Ann Carter
  • Richard &  ___ Chatham
  • Mark & Jackie Curry (Cameron & Zack)
  • Jeff & Stephanie Thurow (Leigh & Carson)
  • Peter & Carol Ujvari
  • Nov. 10-11 Hunt Test  (Contacts Ron Hobbs  hobbsr2008@yahoo.com and Beth Sweeney sweenbv706@yahoo.com)  The Hunt Test was very well run and successful.  The club cleared $2100 for the treasury assisted by donations and volunteers providing food and preparation.
  • Dec.14-16 Field Trial  (Contact Chris & Alyssa Carnahan  chris.carnahan@gmail.com)   The Field Trial was also very successful.  The entries totaled about $5000 with a profit of around


$800.  Accounting is not complete.  Ozzie’s survey of some participants resulted in positive comments about the venue and committee and a suggestion that more birds (some in coveys) were needed as well as some feed to keep the quail around.  Members would like to have more involvement with the committee and request the addition of some open walking stakes because most don’t own horses.  They also suggested that consideration should be given to the date selected to make sure another big event is not being held on the same weekend. (Ukanuba was the same weekend this year) We thank Chris and Alyssa for all their work and a great Field Trial!!

 Jan.26 Wounded Warrior Hunt  (Contact Val & Clint

Sails  Valpetgroomer@gmail.com)  Val has sent some preliminary information and a form for members to volunteer to help and participate as guides with their dogs.  Please consider participating in this event.  It is a great way for these veterans to have an enjoyable day.  Mr. Sewell donated 50 birds for the event.  He asked that the birds be picked up Friday PM for this event.

  • Feb.24  Fun Hunt  (Contact Mike Ballanger  mike.ballenger@ymail.com) This will be like the Fall fun hunt.  More details about how to enter closer to the event.
  • March 9-10 Hunt Test (Contacts Ron Hobbs hobbsr2008@yahoo.com  and Beth Sweeney sweenbv706@yahoo.com)   All judges and other details for the premium have been approvedThe club approved the addition of Junior Handlers in the March Hunt Test.  Their fee will be $15 per run. The premium will include information for Junior Handlers.  Participants must have an AKC Junior Handler Number.  Ron will prepare a list of all the Hunt Test jobs that need volunteers help.  With more volunteers, each will have a shorter work time.  NOTE:  Susan Jackson asks that you notify her if your dog has completed a title so that she can have the awards ready at the dinner.
  • Mick noted that he reloads shells and you can order them from him.

         New Business

Janie Bristow reported that a training clinic by Nick Mellon could be scheduled in April.  The members present suggested that $100 for the one-day clinic would be a fair price.  Janie will investigate further and report at the March meeting.

We will discuss holding another judges clinic this summer at the March meeting.

The next meeting will be held on March 9th on the first day of the Hunt Test. The meeting was adjourned at 11:10

Respectfully Submitted

Jan Aruscavage – SPBC Secretary