Minutes of the SPBC General Meeting March 9, 2013

Minutes of the SPBC General Meeting March 9, 2013

         The meeting was called to order by Vice-President, John Allan Tallant at 10:10 on Saturday March 9, 2013.  We determined that a quorum was present counting member attendees at the ongoing Hunt Test.

Guests:  Denise Brower who has applied for membership.

The meeting will remain open until the Hunt Test Dinner tonight in order to give eligible voting members the opportunity to vote on new member applications.

         Minutes of the January Meeting – Approved

         President’s Report –

May 4th Meeting at the Inn at Eagle Spring:  Our May meeting will be at the Inn at Eagle Springs.  Lunch will be server at $12 per lunch to be paid by the member.  Reservations are due to Wes by April 29th.  Please mail your check and reservation to WES SMITH PO Box 186, Eagle Springs, NC, 27242.

Make checks payable to:        The Inn at Eagle Springs.

For additional information,      call Wes at 910-6732722.

Sign-in when using the grounds Status:  Is now inside a wind & water proof box.  Members are required to sign-in and out for safety on the grounds.  Box is located adjacent to the front door of the clubhouse.

         Secretary’s Report – When voting for new applicants takes place, members are asked to sign beside their name on the attendance matrix and the meeting attendees list.

For Information:  Because we want to be in compliance with our By-Laws, we voted at our

May 2012 Annual Meeting to change the way we calculate a quorum in our By-Laws.  This is

just an administrative change to keep us in compliance with the AKC requirement of having 20% of membership in attendance to constitute as quorum to conduct official business. AKC requires members to be present at the meeting to vote.  Official Business includes changes to the ByLaws, voting for Club officers and voting in new members.

The By-Laws were amended to create the category of “voting members”( aka come-to-meeting members) to solve the problem of not having a quorum in attendance at meetings to conduct official business.  The By-Laws now state that a “voting member” is one who has attended at least two SPBC meetings in the preceding 12 months.  Included in the voting member category are all new members who have been Club members for less than 12 months.

The Voting Member determination is the cause of the attendance matrix and initial-to-vote system now being used to track voting members for purposes of a calculating a Quorum for each meeting.

Please don’t be insulted if you are not classified as a “voting member”.  It just means that for one reason or another you haven’t been able to make two meetings during the past twelve months.

         Treasurer’s Report –

We have two banks willing to loan us money to purchase the used Kubota tractor we have found.  We will proceed by submitting the required documentation.  We are also going to purchase a boom sprayer attachment at an additional cost – now being negotiated.  Members expressed concern for the safety of the tractor.  Suggestions were made for a lojack system, chaining the tractor to the building and covering it with a tarp to conceal it from view.  We will find an insurance policy for the tractor as well.

The shotgun raffle is ongoing.  There are still tickets available (of the 100 we will sell).  We hope to have the drawing at the May Annual Meeting.

         Committees Reports Walkway – Special bricks are for sale for $75 for the first and a second for you to take home for $35, Proceeds go to the tractor fund.  o   New pigeon coop – Construction on the new pigeon coop is underway..

 House – Thanks, Cindy.  You do a fantastic job keeping the house clean.  Contact Cindy if you would like to help.  . rosborne9@nc.rr.com 910-400-5106 910-379-4539 o   Land

§  March Burn of about 18 acres: We Need 5 – 6 burn volunteers  (available between March 12 & Apr 8th)  We will pay $850 for Matt Wimberly to be in charge of the burn.  Please contact Ozzie if you are available to help.  . rosborne9@nc.rr.com 910-400-5106 910-379-4539

  • § Herbicide application will be done for sand burrs and dog fennel late May:
  • § We need to plant annual crops in several areas (about 6 acres) again this year until we are sure that costal Bermuda grasses and sand burrs are no longer a problem in areas where they were eradicated last spring.

Membership  Welcome to the following SPBC applicants who were approved by unanimous vote at the meeting:

  • Jim, Jennifer & Tanner Austin
  • Chris Dobbs
  • Kim Lewis
  • Andrea, David & Daniel Martin
  • Tim McNaughton (Associate)
  • Carol& Charles Parron
  • Eric S Russell
  • This puts our memberships over 100 for the first time!
  • We have scheduled a clinic by Nick Mellon for May 18.  Please contact Janie Bristow storm5@windstream.net 919-776—0785, 919-775-8673

         New Business

  • If there is enough interest, we will hold a judges clinic this summer.  Please contact Janie

Bristow to express your interest. storm5@windstream.net 919-776—0785, 919-775-8673

  • We decided not to participate in the Annie Oakley Days this fall because of the cost to the club and the fact that we have had little interest during the event from the attendees.
  • We will investigate participating in one of the Dog Shows that are held in Pinehurst.  Jan will contact Karolynne McAteer to find the best points of contact.
  • We discussed whether we should hold a Field Trial this year.  The discussion was tabled until we have more knowledgeable members present.  The main problem appears to be the balance of stakes between horse-back and walking stakes.  We decided that we should have a short talk or even a workshop to introduce members to what field trials are.
  • Mr Seawell will be our official quail provider for Club events.
  • We discussed the loss of eight quail from the quail condo.  Members express various ideas to keep property secure on the Club grounds including combination locks on the front gate and quail condo.
  • We want to try to pursue starting a youth program associated with the club.  George Worst has several points of contact.  We have several members with children who might like to participate.  Beth & Joe Sweeney have expresses an interest.  We need more information and volunteers.  If you would like to be involved please contact Jan Aruscavage by response to this email and we will set up a special committee to define the program.
  • The next meeting will be the Annual Meeting to be held on May 4th at the Inn at Eagle Springs starting at 10 AM.  Please note the requirement to make lunch reservations by April 29th.



Janet Aruscavage

SPBC Secretary