Minutes of the SPBC General Meeting March 8, 2014

Minutes of the SPBC General Meeting March 8, 2014

The meeting was called to order by Ozzie Osborne at 3:50 on Saturday March 8th .


Attendees:  Ozzie Osborne, John Allan Tallant, Charles Tuttle, Dick Cavedo, Susan Jackson, Jan Aruscavage, Lou Racick, Robert Torka, Cindy Osborne, Denise Brower, Rock Rothrock, Lorraine Rothrock, Calvin Curnutte, Lan Chien Tallant, Betta Breuhaus, Susan Scruggs, Ben Scruggs, Bonnie Berg-Eckhoff


We determined that we had a quorum present to conduct business with 49(corrected) voting members as of March 8th.  20% was 10 members required.  We had 18 present.


Minutes of the January Meeting – Approved as written and emailed to members. The secretary had no further report.


President’s report: – Ozzie announced that he will not run for president for next year.  His travel commitments will not allow him to be present as much as he feels he should be as president.  He would like to remain land chairman in order to finish the development he has guided.  The incorporation of the club is progressing.  Ozzie mentioned that we need to develop a Rules and Policies manual.  Please bring any suggested rules and policies to his attention so they can be incorporated in the manual.

Treasurer’s Report – The Treasurer’s report was distributed to the members in attendance.  Our March checking account balance is $9,781.  At this point expenses are more than income.  The cost of insurance/dues to associations and the cost of developing and maintaining the land are the biggest cost drivers.  The treasurer’s report was approved as presented.

Land:  Perennial seed for warm season grasses have been sown in all the fields.  The seed company from which we purchased seed donated an extra 25 pounds of seed, enabling us to complete the seeding.  Now we need favorable weather to help the grass grow.  A pre-emergent herbicide will be sprayed soon to kill young weed that try to compete with the grasses we have planted. When the grasses are well established, herbicide will be used to protect the fields from unwanted plants.  Ozzie is trying to schedule a burn that will be conducted by the NC Forestry Service under the Stephens Grant that SALT received.  Having the burn done by the Forestry Service saves the club about $850 and members will not have to be responsible for controlling the fire.  Fire breaks will be maintained with herbicide so disking will not be needed, which was a concern on the North side where the tractor cannot go. We will continue to spray herbicide where needed during the summer months.

House:  No report.  Thank you, Cindy, for keeping the house so clean!

Calvin said that he will be able to repair the ceiling in the back room now that the weather has improved.  Lou volunteered to help him.

Membership:  As of today we have 101 (corrected) memberships.  Included are 54(corrected)  family, 42(corrected)  single, 4 associate and one life membership.  49(corrected) members are currently voting members. (Have attended at least two meetings or have joined within the past year)


Four New Memberships were voted on by secret ballot. The secretary counted the votes submitted and compared the total with the members authorized (as voting members) to vote on membership applications.   The quorum for the meeting was 10.  We had 14 voting members present.  All voted to accept the applications.

Our newest members are:

·         Michael & Amanda Pelon

·         Marty & Denise Tomczewski

·         Joe & Paula Adkins

·         Nathan & LaRue Shipp



Fun Hunt: (contact Mike Ballenger (sllongbow@yahoo.com  phone: 910-673-3695) The first Fun Hunt has been rescheduled for Saturday Mar. 15th.  We cannot hold any non-sanctioned events or training with shooting on Sundays.  Mike needs some bird planters and judges.  Please help him.


Hunt Test: (contacts:  Peggy Schmidt titanvizslas@mindspring.com  phone 919-414-1958 and Denise Brower denise.brower@yahoo.com phone 704-968-4477) The Hunt Test was just finishing as the meeting convened.  The day went very smoothly.  Thanks Peggy and Denise for an outstanding job.  Thanks to all the volunteers.  The Bristows and Janet Hobbs did a great job with lunch.  An early count of lunch proceeds was between $300 and $400.  Denise mentioned that the walkie-talkies did not work well (continuing static) Ozzie suggested that cell phones might be a good alternative.  Calvin has three picnic tables to donate so we will have more seating during events.  Susan noted that there is some new software for managing the Hunt Test paper work.  Betta mentioned that it would save a lot of tedious work if Hunt Test secretaries could share their databases.  Denise mentioned that we are low on some apparel.  Charles pointed out that apparel is a losing proposition for the club.  Denise has a friend who does logo apparel.  She will check with her friend to see if we can purchase apparel with orders rather than buying what we think will sell.

Training:  Janie is setting up an AKC judges clinic for this summer, probably in August.  Ozzie urged any interested members to attend and to become judges.

New Business:

Ozzie would like to change the meeting schedule to May (annual meeting, election of officers and By-Laws changes), July, September and December.  He suggested that the July meeting could be combined with a picnic/workday.  A September meeting would be held before the hunting season so it would not interfere with those who want to hunt.  A December meeting would give us a meeting before our second Hunt Test.

Ozzie has proposed that we change our March Hunt Test to January when there is no competition for judges or other Hunt Tests around the area.  Susan is applying to AKC for the change.  Members expressed some concern about bad weather during January.  We decided to try holding our Hunt Test in January with the option of going back to holding it in March, if January proved to be unsatisfactory.

There was no further new business to be discussed.  The meeting was adjourned at 4:30.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jan Aruscavage

SPBC Secretary