Minutes of the SPBC General Meeting January 4, 2014

Minutes of the SPBC General Meeting January 4, 2014

The meeting was called to order by John Allan Tallant at 10:05 on Saturday January 4th

Attendees:  John Allan Tallant, George Worst, Charles Tuttle, Dick Cavedo, Susan Jackson, Jan Aruscavage, Ker Boyce, Mike Ballenger, Robert Torka, Cindy Osborne, Lynn Cox, Lou Racick, Peggy Schmidt, Denise Brower, Melanie Tuttle, Mick Yannone, Ernie Lantigne and Guests:  Bill Stephens, Allan Feek and Denise Tonczwski


We determined that we had a quorum present to conduct business with 58 voting members as of January 4th.  20% was 12 members required.  We had 17.


Minutes of the November Meeting – Approved as written and emailed to members. The secretary had no further report.

Treasurer’s Report – The Treasurer’s report was distributed to the members in attendance.  Charles went over the numbers, pointing out that other than dues, the biggest sources of income are the fun hunts and hunt tests we conduct.  We also make some money on the seminars.  We sold the old tractor for $1556.  The greatest expense, by far, is the cost of developing and upkeep of the land.  Between May 2013 and December we spent $3007.  Our January checking account balance is $13,311.  The projected land cost for this year is $6,000.  Because we have a healthy balance in the checking account we feel we can afford these projected activities.  However we must continue to make a profit on our activities and events. The Wounded Warrior Hunt was funded with the surplus $1200 from last year’s event.  There was $300 left which we donated to the Ft. Bragg Soldiers and Family Assistance.  The Treasurer’s Report was approved..


President’s Report: Sorry I cannot be there.  We will conduct a burn this month along Jackson Springs Road after which we will purchase and plant warm season grass (WSG) seed in that 5 acre field in late Feb. and spray the area with a special herbicide a few weeks later. The annuals will be planted in late April and we will start to spray herbicide on the larger plots of land and continue to spray through early fall. We could use some help with the burn.


We are sorry to report that George Worst, the founder of SPBC, is resigning his position on the Board and moving to PA in March.  We will miss him very much, but we hope to tap into his wisdom from time to time when we need guidance.


Lou Racick was appointed to fill George’s spot on the Board.


House:  No report.  Thank you, Cindy, for keeping the house so clean!


Membership:  As of today we have 91 memberships.  Included are 48 family, 38 single, 4 associate and one life membership.  58 members are currently voting members. (Have attended at least two meetings or have joined within the past year)


Three New Memberships were voted on by secret ballot.  Our newest members are:

·         Allan and Alita Feek – Aberdeen, NC.  The Feeks have a Britany

·         Bill Stephens –  Southern Pines, NC.

·         Jacob and Chelsie Van Dyke – Jackson Springs, NC  The Van Dykes  have a GSP.

Re-instated Four Memberships  We voted to reinstate four members.

·         Karolyn McAtyeer

·         Kevin Perex

·         Randy Murzyn

·         Bobbie Sigmund



The secretary counted the votes submitted by secret ballot and compared the total with the members authorized (as voting members) to vote on membership applications.   The quorum for the meeting was 17.  We had 14 voting members present.  All voted to accept the applications and reinstatements.  Welcome new members and welcome back reinstatements.  We now have 98 memberships, including one life time, 5 Associate, 42 single and 50 Family memberships.

Fun Hunt: (contact Mike Ballenger (sllongbow@yahoo.com  phone: 910-673-3695) The first Fun Hunt is scheduled for Sunday Feb. 23rd.  Mike is now taking applications. Mike needs some bird planters and judges.  Please help him.

Hunt Test: (contacts:  Peggy Schmidt titanvizslas@mindspring.com  phone 919-414-1958and Denise Brower denise.brower@yahoo.com phone 704-968-4477) The Hunt Test will be held March 8th and 9th.  After a few problems with the AKC listing things are moving along.  Three judges need to complete their training..  We will use the George Worst Field for the Junior Braces again.  Joe Swwney has agreed to the Captain of guns.  We don’t have a confirmed bird steward yet.  We will have a raffle with items provided by members.  Peggy & Denise will be sending out the volunteer positions they need.  Please volunteer.  You don’t have to be experienced; they will give you all the help you need.

Ozzie noted that we need volunteers to clean the gutters and the yard, to repair the ceiling and to take down some dead trees.  Susan showed us samples of loblolly pine trees that we should pull up when we find them trying to grow in the fields.  She also showed a sample of a long leaf pine that we want to grow.  Please do not pull them up or step on them.


Jan mentioned the brick walkway where we can buy commemorative bricks for our dogs.  They cost $75 each and you can have a second one for yourself for $35.  The money earned will go towards paying off the loan on the new tractor.  Please take a look at the engraved bricks that are already there.


There was no further old business and no new business to be discussed.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:55.


Respectfully Submitted,

Jan Aruscavage

SPBC Secretary



Bill Stephens, newly approved member, stood up to praise the club for the Wounded Warrior Hunt.  He said that it meant so much to all the participants and their families.  He was so impressed by how well the hunt was managed that he decided to apply for membership in the club.