Minutes of the SPBC General Meeting November 2, 2013

Minutes of the SPBC General Meeting November 2, 2013

The meeting was called to order by John Allan Tallant at 10:05 on Saturday November 2nd, 2013.

Attendees: John Allan Tallant, George Worst, Susan Jackson, Jan Aruscavage, Clarence Rothrock, Lorraine Rothrock, Ker Boyce, Mike Ballenger, Dave Staneck, Robert Torka, Susan Scruggs, Ben Scruggs, Kathleen Apffel, Pete Apffel, Dick Cavedo, Jeremy Rust, Jim Garrett, Cindy Osborne, Lynn Cox, Phil Aruscavage, Lou Racick, Jim Garrett,

Minutes of the September Meeting – Approved as written and emailed to members.

Treasurer’s Report – The Treasurer’s report will be distributed to the club membership along with the minutes of this meeting.

President’s Report: Sorry I cannot be here, I don’t have anything to report on other than on the land.

At this time our concentration is on purchasing warm season grass (WSG) seed for the 5 acre field

along Jackson Springs Road. The seed cost is estimated at $2,000 and a $75/acre for no-till planting cost,

The planting will take place when the soil reaches 55 degrees (around end of April). To prepare for the planting of warm season grasses in the spring, we will spray round-up in early March and we should conduct a control burn of the 5 acres before planting. We expect to receive $850.00 cost share refund from the folks with soil and water. As you can see getting back to WSG’s is expensive.

16 new pigeons were born in pigeon house since we commissioned the new coop. I would also like to thank Mike Ballenger and Jerry Saunders for looking after the pigeons while I was away on vacation.

We have also rented out 12 quail boxes at $20.00 each. Ben and Susan Scruggs have also asked about renting one.

House: Thank you, Cindy, for keeping the house so clean. Cindy reported that she cleaned the house before the meeting today and plans to clean again after the completion of the November Hunt Tests.

Membership: As of today we have 86 memberships. Included are 45 family, 34 single, 3 associate and one life membership. 70 members are currently voting members. (Have attended at least two meetings or have joined within the past year)

Three New Memberships Were voted on by secret ballot. Our newest members are:

 Wray Crawford, living in Raeford, NC. Wray has an English Pointer and a German Wirehair Pointer.

 Richard & Tina, Jordan living in High Point, NC. The Jordans have a German Sorthaired Pointer.

 Seyed Rehan Rashid. Syed has a Vizsla

Fun Hunt: (contact Mike Ballenger (sllongbow@yahoo.com phone: 910-673-3695) The first Fun Hunt was held on October 27th. The day was beautiful and the participants had a great time. Profit from the event was $460. Good job, Mike! The next fun hunt will take place on Sunday Feb. 23rd – detail later.

Hunt Test: (contacts Beth Sweeney sweenbv706@yahoo.com phone 919-461-0371 and Peggy Schmidt titanvizslas@mindspring.com phone 919-414-1958) The first Hunt Test is scheduled for November 9th – 10th. There is still room for more entries, especially since we have room to run Junior braces on the George Worst Field for the first time.

Susan reported that there have been some changes in the judges for the Hunt Test due to Lind Pruitt’s illness. The Judges will be Ross Adams, Fred Sapp, Joe Stringer, BJ Parsons and Ozzie. Joe is bringing his horses.

Please come and help with the Hunt Test. There are always last minute jobs. AND it’s fun!

We need a Hunt Test Co-Chair for next year’s Hunt Tests (March 8– 9 2014) to work with Peggy Schmidt (titanvizslas@mindspring.com phone 919-414-1958).

Wounded Warrior Hunt: (Val Sails Valpetgroomer@gmail.com phone 919-258-5502) The Wounded Warrior Hunt is scheduled for November 16th. There is a balance of $1200 in the treasury earmarked for the WW Hunt. This is another great opportunity to participate in a Club event and to do something to thank our Wounded Warriors.

Field Trial: (Chris & Allysa Carnahan aamorgan1@gmail.com phone 262-227-2382) The Field Trial is scheduled for December 13 – 15 in Ahoskie, NC. Jan will check with Allysa so that we can send out the Premium.

There was no further old business and no new business to be discussed. The meeting was adjourned at 10:55.

New Business – George Worst brought a request from the Tarheel Weim Club that they be able to sell wine at the Hunt Test dinner for the benefit of their rescue program. The club voted at allow them to do so.

After voting on the new applicants, the meeting was adjourned at 10:30.


Janet Aruscavage

SPBC Secretary