SPBC 2016 Spring Hunt Test Training Event February 21st

Hunt Test Training Event

Known to SPBC as the

“Spring Fun Hunt”

Sunday 2/21/16

Location: Club Grounds

Time: 8:00am –5:00 pm


We will be following the “Team Hunt” format used last year.  You will work in a team consisting of 2 handlers and 2 dogs.  Choose your team or draw names from a hat.

**Puppy Fun:   This year we will also be running a puppy event, just for the “FUN” of it.  Pups, not yet trained for gunfire will have the opportunity to run, play and find a bird or two.  Price $20.00.    Older dogs interested in a introduction to birds are welcome.  This includes older dogs not acquainted with gunfire.  No starter pistols.  Dogs that are accustomed to gunfire should enter the regular Fun Hunt.

**Buy, Sell Trade Fun

Loaded with “Stuff”?  4 crates and only 1 dog, 10 guns and only 1 closet…Set up a table and buy, sell or trade it away.

Rules for Team Hunt:

  • Each team will have unlimited shells & 20 minutes to harvest as many birds as you can.  60 seconds for retrieve allowed after gunshot if time runs out after shot.
  • Dogs may be entered multiple times but can only be braced with the same dog once.
  • All training devices will be allowed.
  • Scoring will be number of birds bagged with the fewest shots.
  • All laws and preserve regulations will be observed and everyone is required to wear blaze orange.

Please no bitches in season.

Lunch will be available on club grounds; details will be available closer Fun Hunt Date.

Pay Pal entries of $26/dog can be sent to sllongbow@yahoo.com  Call me, I can send an invoice and you can pay with any credit card.   Please include dogs name and event to be run in the memo section.

Entry fee is $25 per run per dog, $20/pup.    Make checks to: Sandhills Pointing Breeds Club.  Send entries/checks to:

Mike Ballenger

1161 7 Lks North

West End, NC  27376