Summer 2013 SPBC President’s Report

Hello All,
Mother nature and the good lord has provided us with a wonderful spring  this year, our annual plants appear to have gotten off to a good start. We now  enter into the
summer months and hopefully we will continue to have sufficient rainfall to  sustain the annuals and other grasses that we depend on for good cover.
I expect that the small field along Jackson Springs road will continue to  fill in and will provide excellent cover for training this fall and on into next  spring. The areas on
top of the hill seem to be doing very well and should also serve us  well.
The only area that did not do well was the little 3/4 acre strip where we  have had sandburs in the past. We tried planting round-up ready soy beans, they  came up
very well but once up about 3 to 4 inches, the deer moved in and ate the  tops off 90% of all the sprouts. This area has been replanted with millet, and I  hope it will fill in and
deter any growth of sandburs.
Our new pigeon coop has worked out very well so far, we have 8 babies in  nest boxes between the two sides. Janie Bristow just donated 4 white pigeons,  which will remain
banded until late July; at that time I will prepare them for release.  Please remember DON’T use any banded pigeons for training, our goal is to have  24 to 30 pigeons ready for use come September.  If anyone wishes to donate a few birds, please  contact me.