Minutes of the SPBC General Meeting September 9, 2013

Minutes of the SPBC General Meeting September 9, 2013

The meeting was called to order by Ozzie Osborne at 10:02 on Saturday September 7th, 2013.

Attendees: Ozzie Osborne, George Worst, Susan Jackson, Jan Aruscavage, Peggy Schmidt, Susan Scruggs, Ben Scruggs, Teresa Pacey, John Pacey, Jim Watkins, Denise Brower, Cindy Osborne, Jeff Thurow, Carson Thurow, Lynn Cox, Beth Sweeney, Phil Aruscavage, Calvin Curnutte, Lou Racick, Jim Garrett, Jennifer Austin and No guests

Minutes of the January Meeting – Approved as written and emailed to members.

President’s Report Candice Williams has moved on from her position as Director of SALT. A successor has not been appointed as of this date. We will continue our relationship with SALT with whoever is the Director. Terry Sharp, subcontractor with SALT, currently manages this property .

The Board has voted to begin the process of incorporating the Club. The advantages include officer protection and a better structure for operation for our much larger club. There will also be more structure in dealing with our incoming and outgoing funds. We will apply to be a 401-C7 organization. The cost to incorporate will be about $1800. Yearly income tax filing would cost $75. Insurance policies and official agreements with SALT will be amended to reflect the incorporation.

Website: Be sure to visit our Website. John Allan has done a very good job including information of interest to us and any visitors to the site.

Land: We have spent just under $3,000 on herbicides and seeds since May as we continue to transition to all perennial plants. We have had no community service workers in the last six months.

Ozzie showed samples of several plants that members can help eradicate. The Thorn Apple has long thorns, the Sand Burrs have small balls of sharp stickers and Beggar Lice attach to dogs and people. We also want to pull out Loblolly Pines in the main fields. We want the Long Leaf Pines like those planted near Drowning Creek. Eventually the North Field will have Long Leaves like those North of the George Worst Field.

The George Worst Field is now ready for holding the Junior Hunter tests. So we can now hold JH simultaneously with the Senior Hunter and Master Hunter test on the other fields.

As we continue to develop our property, we need to be mindful that our neighbor on the North deer hunts and has requested that our dogs do not run on his property during deer season for their own safety. Deer season begins this month and runs through January. We may have to consider building a fence in the future when we use the field more.

Thanks to Chance Curnutte for mowing and to Lou Racick for using two whole tanks of gas while weed eating around the house!

We thank Dick Cavedo for donating a tiller, finishing mower and a seed spreader.

Treasurer’s Report: We have $10,000 in our bank account.

Anticipated cost include: $1,800 for incorporating our club, $2,000 toward paying off our $6,000 tractor debt and $2,000 for seeds and herbicide (about $400 of fuel has been spent for using the new tractor).

House: Thank you, Cindy, for keeping the house so clean. She asks that people pick up after themselves so she has less picking up to do.

Thanks to Ron Hobbs and Janie Bristow for removing the damaged ceiling tiles from the back room. Calvin Curnutte volunteered (himself and his son Chance) along with Lou Racick to put up a plywood ceiling in the back room

Membership: As of today we have 42 memberships. Included are 22 family, 17 single, 2 associate and one life membership. That equates to 62 voting members.

One New Membership was approved for Brian & Laurie Cahill who live in Chapel Hill and have a Vizsla.

Merchandise: We decided to keep the inventory of shirts, sweatshirts and hats as lean as possible while still having some things for new members to buy. We may look into buying our own higher quality shirts and paying Royal Threads or another company to embroider them.

Shooting Clinic: (contact Ker Boyce (kerboyce@nc.rr.com phone 910-246-0190) The Shooting Clinic is scheduled for on September 28th at 9 AM. Ten participants have signed up so far. Contact Ker if you want to participate. The cost is $25 including lunch. Deadline for signing up in September 15th.

Fun Hunt: (contact Mike Ballenger (sllongbow@yahoo.com phone: 910-673-3695) The first Fun Hunt is scheduled for October 27th.

Mr. Seawell is our official bird supplier for all our events. He has guaranteed a price of $3.50 per bird for the year. Seawell Game Farm is located at 676 Seawell Rd., Carthage. Phone: 910-464-3255

Hunt Test: (contacts Beth Sweeney sweenbv706@yahoo.com phone 919-461-0371 and Peggy Schmidt titanvizslas@mindspring.com phone 919-414-1958) The first Hunt Test is scheduled for November 9th – 10th.

Susan reported that one of the judges, Linda Pruitt, needs to take a requalification test before she can be approved by AKC as a judge. The premium is still awaiting a few more positions before it can be sent to AKC for approval.

The Judges will be Ross Adams, Linda Pruitt, Joe Stringer, BJ Parsons and Ozzie. Joe is bringing his horses.

Peggy is still looking for a food truck to provide lunch. Several suggestions were given.

Beth reported that she needs volunteers to help in the following areas: Bird planters to help Ron Hobbs, marshalls, raffle and 50/50 table. Training to perform all of these is minimal. Since we will be running two fields simultaneously, we need even more help.

The difference between a JH qualification and a JH Advanced qualification is that the JH Adv must score 8 out of 10.

Junior Handlers can enter a stake for $20. No dog can compete in the same stake more than once a day.

Susan initiated a discussion of the ribbons we present for legs and championships. We decided that only junior handlers will receive the smaller leg ribbons for qualifying for a title leg.. The larger ribbons will be presented only to those achieving titles.

We need a Hunt Test Co-Chair for next year’s Hunt Tests to work with Peggy Schmidt.

Wounded Warriior Hunt: (Val Sails Valpetgroomer@gmail.com phone 919-258-5502) The Wounded Warrior Hunt is scheduled for November 16th. There is a balance of $1200 in the treasury earmarked for the WW Hunt.

Field Trial: (Chris & Allysa Carnahan aamorgan1@gmail.com phone 262-227-2382) The Field Trial is scheduled for December 13 – 15 in Ahoskie, NC. The Field Trial committee is in place but there are no cost estimates yet. We will need AKC approval by mid-September.

There was no further old business and no new business to be discussed. The meeting was adjourned at 10:55.


Janet Aruscavage

SPBC Secretary