Minutes of the SPBC, Inc, General Meeting September 9, 2014

Minutes of the SPBC, Inc, General Meeting September 9, 2014

The meeting was called to order by Calvin Curnutte, SPBC, Inc. president, at 10:10 on Saturday September 6th, 2014 at the SPBC, Inc. clubhouse in Jackson Springs.

Attendees: Calvin Curnutte, Lou Racick, Susan Jackson, Jan Aruscavage, John Allan Tallant, Robert Torka, Susan Scruggs, Ben Scruggs, Phil Aruscavage, Jim Garrett, Ron Hobbs, Janie Bristow, Denise Brower, Alan Feek, Alita Feek, Jake Van Dyke, and Lynn Cox. (14 voting members were present)

Minutes of the May Meeting – May meeting minutes were approved as emailed to members.
Secretary’s Report – Jan asked that all members present sign in and vote even if you are not now classified as a voting member. A suggestion was made that committee chairs be credited as voting members even without having attended two meetings.
President’s Report: The two summer work days accomplished quite a lot. Thanks to those who showed up to help. There are a couple of projects that need to be completed. The foot bridge is 2/3rds complete and the observation stand for the upper field is still planned for completion prior to the November Hunt Test. The stand will be about 10 feet off the ground allowing people to sit and observe or go under for shade protection. We are looking for a “hay wagon” to buy and convert for taking people and dogs up to the upper field. Calvin estimated that one should cost about $1200 – $1400. Members were asked to look for a suitable wagon for us to buy. Contact Calvin or Charles as soon as possible when you find one because they go very quickly. We are also looking into renting a large canopy/tent for use during hunt tests. This should provide shade when it is very warm and shelter from cold and rain. It would even be nice to have another permanent shelter for the same purpose.

Treasurer’s Report Charles was unable to attend the meeting, but he sent an email that the checking account balance to date is $11,000. Susan noted that this does not include membership renewals as she has not sent the membership checks to Charles yet.

Land: The club grounds are in very good shape. We hope to keep them looking this good for the hunt tests. The perennial grasses are growing very well. Lanes have to be cut for getting around through the fields to hide birds. Ozzie has purchased quite a bit of broom straw that will need to be planted this fall.
House: Before this meeting several of the guys cleaned the house (did a good job, too). We are looking for someone to be in charge of cleaning the house. For now, whoever is taking care of the pigeons will also straighten and clean the house during the period they have pigeon care duty.
Pigeon Care: The pigeons are doing well. They are drinking a lot of water in the hot weather. Calvin purchased two more water tanks and that has given them enough water.
Quail Condo: You can rent a box for $20 per year. Contact Ozzie (910-400-5106, rosborne9@nc.rr.com) for the rules of the Quail Condo and to pay.
Mike Ballenger has a contract with Mr. Sewell for quail for all our events for $3.25/bird.
Membership: As of May of this year the membership was as follows:
Total Individual 163 Voting members 53 (20% – 11 Quorum)
Memberships by category: Associate = 4, Life/Honorary = 1, Single = 43 and family = 60 (Total 108)

Dues were due September 1. If you have not sent your renewal check, please do. We have great plans for the year.
Attached is a renewal form with Susan Scruggs’ address where you should send your renewal.

New Memberships To Be Voted On Today:
• Curtis Bourne single Raleigh Setter
• Bruce & Susan Carroll Family Waxhaw Vizsla
• Donald & Nancy Duvall Family Kernersville GSP
• Jeff Gamez single Sanford GSP
• Vivian Hansen single Raleigh GSP
• Amanda Matthis single Norwood Vizsla

Congratulations, new members and welcome to SPBC, Inc.

Shooting Clinic Tabled for now. If you would be interested in attending a shooting clinic please respond by email.
Other Training Clinics: We are checking Nick Melon’s schedule to see if we could schedule a 2-day training seminar (possibly in February). There are two parts; beginning and advanced. You must have taken the first part to take part 2.
Fun Hunt: (contact Mike Ballenger (sllongbow@yahoo.com phone: 910-673-3695) We will contact Mike about his plans. We normally have two per year. Calvin wants to add a third to hunt the draw (where the quail like to hide out).
First Hunt Test November 8 – 9: (contacts: Peggy Schmidt titanvizslas@mindspring.com phone 919-414-1958 and Denise Brower denise.brower@yahoo.com phone 704-968-4477) Our date conflicts with a field trial making horses and judges we normally use unavailable. AKC has approved using 4-wheelers for judges. We decided to try using 4-wheelers for the Senior and Master braces. Junior braces will continue to be walking. Janie has judges lined up,( including 2 apprentices). Ben Scruggs will be bird Steward, and Calvin will be Captain of the Guns. Premiums should be ready the first week in October. We decided that because we will have three hunt tests this year, we will have only one raffle in March. We plan to have only food (breakfast & lunch) for sale in November and January.

January & March 2015 Hunt Tests: Lou & Janie will co-chair the January Hunt Test with the help of two apprentices. We need two of our over 100 members to step up to apprentice to be Hunt Test Chairs. There is a complete checklist for running the hunt test, you have lots of experienced volunteers and two excellent mentors to help you learn the ropes:

Wounded Warrior Hunt: (Val Sails Valpetgroomer@gmail.com phone 919-258-5502) Jan will contact Val to see what plans she has for this year.

SALT Open House: We have not heard anything about SALT wanting to hold an Open House on our grounds. However SALT may want to hold one.

Old Business: Incorporation completed. We are waiting for IRS approval of our non-profit status.
New Business: Susan told us about the Hanover Kennel Club, Inc.’s Dog Show that will be held in the Legion Stadium in Wilmington on Oct 11 & 12th. SPBC is giving prizes for pointing breed dogs. There will be a cash prize for the best owner handled in show each day. SPBC, Inc. member, Karolynne McAteer, is one of the judges. Susan has premiums (910-799-5208 , ilmsuperjack@aol.com).

Our next meeting will take place during the lunch hour of the first day (Nov 8th) of our Hunt Test.

There was no other business to discuss. The meeting was adjourned at 11:10. We enjoyed a lunch prepared by new member Don Duval. Thanks so much Don. Lunch was delicious!

Respectfully Submitted
SPBC, Inc. Secretary
Jan Aruscavage